NONAIR® Micro bubbles Separator 316L, with Built in Strainer

is designed to remove both air and dirt from circulating heating and chilled water systems.

Air is separated and released to the atmosphere through the air outlet socket in top of the body via an Air vent mounted here.

Floating particles well be trapped in the Strainer insert.

Dirt, sludge and solid particles are collected in the sediment chamber and can be flushed out through the drainage outlet in the cover plate for the Strainer insert.

The strainer insert is made of Stainless Steel material 316L and has a mesh size of 0,6 mm.

With the two gauges the difference pressure over the strainer insert can be monitored with pressure meters.

The unique design of the Strainer makes the effective area equivalent with 8 times of the inlet area.

This will give a long maintenance free period of use before a cleaning if the Strainer insert is necessary.

The NONAIR® Magnet rod is an accessory that will separate harmful magnetic particles like Magnetite.

With this unit, fitted to the intended socket on top, the operation of the new generation of power saving circulation pumps will be secured and the risk for a pump break down will be reduced.

Table of measure and weight